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Its easy to manage your finances with the National Bank app. Accept a transfer on the train, transfer money at the restaurant, pay employees from the cottage... The National Bank app meets your personal banking needs, as well as the specific requirements of your business. Manage your accounts separately - all from one app Personal needs: - Use your smartphone to pay for a meal with Google PayTM - Send money in seconds with Interac e-Transfer® service - Let us know when youre travelling and use your credit card wherever you are Business requirements: - Manage your companys cash - Deposit client cheques without going to a branch - Pay suppliers quickly with Interac e-Transfer® service The National Bank app - for all your banking needs National Bank Powering your ideasTM The National Bank app offers endless possibilities to help manage your personal and professional finances: Katy, a 25-year-old student, quickly opens a session with her fingerprint and applies for a credit card to deal with unexpected events while shes travelling in Peru. 43-year-old Michelle, a marketing coordinator, cashes a cheque in the subway on her way to go shopping downtown. Sergio, a 36-year-old plumber, buys a new fishing rod on his lunch break and pays for it directly from his smartphone thanks to Google Pay. Mikes just landed his dream job. He signs up for direct deposit to receive his pay by generating a sample cheque directly from the National Bank app. Alberta entrepreneur Christian always pays his suppliers on time thanks to Interac e Transfer® service available in the new National Bank app. Samira keeps her shops finances under control thanks to the National Bank apps cash management service. * The National Bank app can be used by any business with 25 subsidiaries or less. * Some features may not be available on tablet. Location data We use location data obtained from your mobile device to help you find the closest branch or ABM using the App Locator. Security Part of our security measures includes collecting information about your device, such as the model and operating system to help better protect you from unauthorized transactions. Please read the installation terms and conditions below: By installing the National Bank App on your device, you also agree to the installation of any of its automatic updates or upgrades, including but not limited to updates designed to correct a failure, protect the security of our network, enhance performance or user experience, or add functionalities. You may deactivate the automatic update/upgrade option on your device so you can install the updates/upgrades manually. Peace of mind guarantee All transactions carried out through our Mobile Banking Solutions are fully protected against fraud by our Peace of Mind Guarantee. Its guaranteed1 and its free You can therefore bank online securely thanks to our Peace of Mind Guarantee, which protects your interests. TM Google Pay is a trademark of Google Inc. ® Trademark of Interac Inc. Used under license. © 2018 National Bank of Canada. All rights reserved. Any reproduction in whole or in part without prior written consent of National Bank of Canada is strictly prohibited.