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Download Fandango Latin America (before Cinepapaya) - The #1 movie ticketing app. Get the latest showtimes, check movie times and discover movie ratings from all movie theaters in Latin America, Australia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Philippines, Guatemala, Honduras, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Singapore and South Africa. Browse Movies + Theaters: • Filter movies by the audience and genre of your preference. • Check movie times by distance or by your favorite movie theaters. • Review all the movie theaters details. • Discover everything about movies: showtimes, ratings, synopsis, duration, high-quality trailers, photos and videos, bios of the actors and more. • Connect with Waze or Google maps and get without problems to your favorite movie theaters. Buy tickets: • Store your credit card safely with Fandango for faster purchases & find your purchase history. • Tap “Go Now” to find a movie playing near you within the next 90 minutes. • Go straight to the ticket-taker to have your barcode scanned from your mobile phone. • Pick the best seats available. Share • Share your purchase and rating of the watched movies on Google+ or Facebook. Account: • Dont miss a premiere or promotion. Well keep you posted if you enable the push notifications. Thanks for using our app We appreciate your feedback and would love to hear from you. Send suggestions and issues to: Argentina •Cine Hoyts •CinemaCenter •Village Cines •Cinema City •Showcase Cinema •Cinema La Plata •Cines Multiplex •Zona Cines •Atlas Cines •Cines de la Costa •Bama Cine •Cines Dinosaurio Mall •Holiday Cinemas •Cine San Martín Bolivia •Cine Center •CineNorte •Cinema Gran Plaza •Multicine •Cinemateca Boliviana •Monje Campero •Cine de la Torre •Cine SAS •Bella Vista Cines Brazil •UCI Cinemas •Kinoplex •Cineflix •Moviecom •Espaço Itaú de cinema •Centerplex •Araújo •Circuito Cinemas •Cinemagic •Cinemais •CinemaxX •Cineplus •Cinesystem Cinemas •Cinespaço •Grupo Estação •GNC Cinemas •Lumière Cinema •PlayArte •Cinesercla •Orient Cinemas •Reserva Cultural •Caixa Belas Artes •Cine Star Special •Guión Cinemas •Cine Livraria Cultura •Cinesala Sabesp Chile •Cine Pavilion •Cinestar •El Biógrafo •Cinemark •Hoyts •Cine Paseo del Vale •Cine Arte Normandie Colombia •Cinemas Procinal •Cine Colombia •Procinal Medellín •Royal Films •Cineland •Cinelandia •Cinemanía •Cinemateca Distrital •V.O Cines •Cinemas Santiago •Cinemas Valle de Atriz •Cinema Paraíso Costa Rica •CCM Cinemas •Cinépolis •Citicinemas •Nova Cinemas •Multicines •Multicines PZ •Cine Magaly Ecuador •Supercines •Multicines •Cineplex •Mis Cines •Max Cinema •Cinema Malecon •Ocho y Medio El Salvador •Cinemark •Cinépolis •Multicinema Philippines •SM Cinemas •Robinson Movieworld •Ayala Mall Cinemas •Cash & Carry Cinema •Power Plant Cinema •Greenhills Cinemas •Megaworld Lifestyle Malls •Starmall Cinemas •Walter Mart Cinemas •Century City Mall Cinema •Shang Cineplex •Gateway Cineplex Guatemala •Cinépolis •Alba Cinemas •Cineflick •Cinelandia •Multicinema Honduras •Metro Cinemas •Unicines Malasia •MBO Cinemas •TGV Cinemas •Lotus Five Star •Cathay Cineplexes •Mega Cineplex •Golden Screen Cinemas •Gran Cineplex Mexico •Cinemex •Xtreme Cinemas •Cinemagic •Citicinemas •Cinemas Henry •Río Cinemas •Cinemas Raly Nicaragua •Cinemas •Cines Alhambra •Cines Siglo Nuevo Panama •Cinepolis •Cine Star •Multicines Nacional •Moderno Paraguay •Cine Granados •Cine Art •Cines Itaú •Cines del Mall •Real Cines •Cinemax •Villamorra Cine Center Puerto Rico •Caribbean Cinemas Peru •UVK •Movie Time •Cinestar •Cines Plaza •Cinerama Dominican Republic •Caribbean Cinemas •Palacio del Cine South Africa • Capitol Cinemas • Cine Centre • Epic Cinemas • Labia • Movies • Minimax • Nu Metro Uruguay •Grupocine •Life Cinemas •Movie •Cines Opera •Cinemateca •Stars Light Cinema Venezuela •Cinex •Cines Unidos •Gran Cine

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