Fashion Artist: Clay Art Party

Beauty Inc



The biggest art exhibition of the year starts next week Youve worked all year to create beautiful ceramic art for your personal exhibit, but if you want to sell them all to buyers from all over the country, youve got to impress them yourself, too Let your fountain of creativity flow and design a few more pieces for your art exhibit, and then head over to the spa to dress to impress. In Artist Makeover, youve got the skill to create beautiful art, and now its time to use your artistic know-how to doll yourself up for the exhibition Sit down in the spa chair and get to work A relaxing facial will clean up your skin and prepare it for makeup. Mix and match different makeup and hairstyles to find the right look. Finally, dress in a cute outfit that will wow your customers. Your art looks fantastic, so you should too With the right style, your work will sell fast on opening night Product Features: - Combine the fun of a beauty makeover with creative artistic designs - Which of the girls you be? Wendy, Beth, April, or Natalie? - Be an artist Select and paint your own designs on ceramic art - Enjoy a spa and beauty makeover with multiple tools. - Choose beautiful lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, and more. - Hairstyles galore Up-dos, curls, and straight styles - Tons of gorgeous fashions to impress your customers How to Play: - Choose an artist to play and dress up. - Design ceramic pieces for your art exhibit by selecting shapes and painting them. - Visit the beauty salon to design your own signature look for opening night. *************************************** Want to know more about us? Come join our Facebook: Get us on Twitter: Come see our website

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