Ottawa Bus Follower

Clayton Smith

Maps & Navigation


Tired of freezing in the cold waiting for a bus thats late? This app will let you stay warm inside until your bus is near. It displays the locations and estimated arrival times of Ottawa buses using GPS data supplied by OC Transpo. To begin, search for a stop by number or name, or choose one from the map. Then choose the bus route youre interested in, and youll see data for the next three arrivals at that stop. You can refresh the results at any time to stay up to date. Tapping on a bus will bring up more information about it. Please note that OC Transpo does not yet supply GPS information for all buses, and that you will see GPS information only for buses that have begun their trip toward your stop. These are limitations of OC Transpos systems, and there is little my app can do about them. When GPS data is not available, scheduled arrival times will appear instead of estimated times. This is an open source project released under the GPL. Source code is available at Issues are tracked at Bug reports and code contributions are welcome I would like to thank the following contributors: * Alnoor Allidina - beta testing, bug reporting * Greg Fletcher - beta testing, French translation * Sonja Kisa - French translation * Karen Schindel - beta testing * Teodora Alexandrova - beta testing