Easy Italian Language Learning

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This stylized Italian language learning tool uses flash cards and phonetic alphabet reference to teach basic Italian words and phrases. Flashcards include English pronunciation equivalent for easy self-study. Categories include: - New version has the top 1000 most frequently used Italian words - Basic Conversation - Planes and Trains - Bars and Restaurants - Family - Word Quiz - Phonetic Italian-English dictionary Easy Italian is designed for fast vocabulary learning through a flashcard type interface reinforced by a word quiz feature to make language learning more enjoyable. Please send questions or feedback to contact@pindropapps.com Learn Italian and study human voice and touch. Better than a phrasebook or dictionary. Efficient for travel, education, or business. For more information visit www.pindropapps.com Before you kayak your next river in Italy, learn some Italian. Italy is the place of pompeii, alitalia, armani, mussolini, top forbes vacation spot, constantine, Julius Caesar,Leonardo da Vinci,pantheon, alfa romeo, ferrari,fiat,the Pope, airline flights, capri, a stunning airport, augustus, piazza,umbria,ravenna,garda,duomo,genoa, and perugia. Query words and learn to speak, to become multilingual. Italy is not just an airline departure destination. Top places to visit are Rome, Roma, Venice, Venezia, Florence, Firenze, milan, milano, naples, napoli, verona, turin, torino, bologna, perugia, genoa, genova, tuscany, umbria, garda, como, lakes, pompeii, vatican, collosseum, pantheon, academia, gardens, uffizi, stone, pisa, and sicily.