Earth Live Wallpaper

H21 lab



3D Earth Live Wallpaper with live satellite clouds To set as Live Wallpaper, press for a while empty space on the desktop and then select Live Wallpapers. Application includes: - Live weather / satellite cloudmap (from Xplanet) - Live Sun light / Specular light - Night Lights - Bump mapping - Gravity sensor - Wallpaper menu / multiple surface textures Internet access - Application requires this permission to download the cloud map ( 0,4MB) from The map is infrared composite from satellite images updated every 24h. Download is done only if live cloud map options is enabled and is done using coral network if available. Many thanks to Hari Nair author of Xplanet. On some devices application will not launch and only black screen is seen. This is caused in most cases by low graphical card capabilities or low amount of memory of the target device. Application use extensive pixel shader with multitexturing. Program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.