Galaxy Icon Themer [ROOT]

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************************************************************** FOR ROOTED SAMSUNG GALAXY DEVICES ONLY (may not be compatible with some Galaxy models) Please do not rate 1 star if it does not work on your device due to your devices limitation. ************************************************************** Dont be stuck with your phone or tablets default icon theme. With Galaxy Icon Themer, you have the ability to change your icon theme whenever you like using popular icon packs from the Play Store. Galaxy Icon Themer only works on ROOTED Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets but NO GUARANTEE that it will work the same way on all Galaxy devices. Some Galaxy models may not have the theme engine necessary for icon packs to work properly. Please dont get mad if it does not work on your device. I take no responsibility for it. Supported icon packs include those that are intended for popular launchers like ADW, Nova, Apex, Go, Solo, etc. but keep in mind that NOT ALL icon packs will work due to some technical issues. Bear in mind also that the free version of the app will only theme supported app icons that are included in the icon pack - no masking supported.

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