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NOTE: The offline bible ships only demo chapters, bible data is required for daily usage. ### Main Features * Totally offline (require [bible data]( * Quick and Fast ### Chapter Reading Screen 1. swipe left/right to choose previous/next chapter (when in search multi-chapter mode, it choose previous/next chapter in results) 2. click to choose the smallest verse, the share icon will display. 3. long click can choose words, its androids function, dont miss it. 4. click book, chapter, verse to change book, chapter, verse. 5. when scroll is on top, the zoom button will display, you can change font size. 6. androids pinch can also increase and decrease font size(not work on android 3.0+). ### Search Screen * Click version, from book, to book, or other to choose search range and version. * In the search-box, when you type any words, will display book/chapter suggestion. * You can use full name, short name, or other languages name, and even Chinese Pinyin. * You can simple input multi chapter, like: Gen 1-3; Ruth 1-4; John 3:16, or so, other words will search in bible as keywords. ### System Quick Search Box The same function like in search screen without book range. ### Share with Other Application Accept any searchable words, and following link: * * * ### More Versions Please visit