Geography Quiz

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Prepare to become a real Geography expert and improve your knowledge about World Geography with every quiz game This Geography Quiz Game App includes interesting world geography facts, many flags of the world, high quality images of sights and much more. This free educational app will test your knowledge of the worlds mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers deserts, landmarks, world flags and capital cities. Take a virtual trip around the world by playing this free multiple choice trivia game. What is the worlds deepest lake? Where can we find the Colosseum? What is the capital of Indonesia? What is the only city in the world located on two continents? How does the flag of Thailand look like? Which country is home to the most languages? You think you know the answers? Prove it The statistics page shows how many games you played and how youve done so far. All this makes this Geography Quiz Game a fun challenge FEATURES * 4 levels (5, 15, 30 or 50 questions) * many pictures of national landmarks, flags and maps * sound on/off option * timer on/off option * showing/hiding the correct answer * statistic analysis with bar graphs * questions and answers are sorted randomly

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