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Onet Matching Game Onet Matching Game is another Android version of the well-know Fruit Link, Kyodai, ... This is a kind of connect-2 game, in which you have to connect 2 identical cards within 3 lines to clear them. What are special in Connect Them is that it has 3 different playing mode: - Mode 1: play again the time and try to get as high score as possible. - Mode 2: play with levels and the target is to get as high score as possible - Mode 3: play and collect score for each levels. The game also has 5 different image packs for you to play Each image pack may be in different difficulty. Animals images seem to be the easiest, you should start playing with this image pack. Connect Them has very cute images and animation too. You will find how cute it is when the cards get to be cleared, or when the lines drawn. So lets play and enjoy your free time with Onet Matching Game