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Please export your notes before updating. Updating is always a risk, so be sure to have a backup. Keynotes is designed to protect your confidential data as good as possible. It is a secure vault. Keynotes is ideal as a secure storage of passwords, serial numbers, access information, pincodes or general notes you want to protect. Keynotes not only is very safe, but also pleasant to work with. It can be adapted to your preferences in several ways. Details about KeyNotes: - Industry-standard (AES) encryption - Safe private storage - Encryption strength selectable up to 256 bits - export your notes (Import only in the paid version Keynotes Plus) - Selectable fonts per note - Safe backup through export option - Notes sortable in multiple ways - Safe: No Internet access needed The password is not stored on the device and there is no way to recover it. So when you loose your password you will loose your notes. Please backup your notes regularly with the export function. Keynotes is a safe vault for all your notes, memos and annotations. You can also use it for passwords and PINs

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