I Spy

Kalpa Kids



Games for kids 3 Years. I SPY with my eye something beginning with the letter…. This word game is all about increasing your childs vocabulary. The word game has 3 levels. Level 1 teaches the child the different colours. Level 2 teaches the child numbers from 1 to 20. Level 3 introduces him to the objects and Level 4 introduces him to three and four letter words. This game is based on different themes like a toy room, a railway station, a play area and a beach. We have more themes like the supermarket and airport coming soon. I spy is for pre-school and kindergarten children who want to learn colours, numbers and words. The paid version has extra levels and loads of additional themes. In Level 2 the child actually applies his knowledge of numbers. In level 3 he learns about different objects and in Level 4 he learns about three and four letter words. We will soon be adding more levels to teach the child to read and form simple words.

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