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Learn to run is a free and modern training plan for weight loss. Using our application you will learn to run step by step over increasing distances and times. We will help you achieve your fitness goals quickly and easily with our application. The race is very important to achieve your goal of weight loss, start running to get a perfect body. With Learn to run, running will become a pleasant daily routine. Why do you have to download Learn to run instead of other fitness applications? Different degrees of travel: ✓Our app offers you the best training programs to achieve your weight loss goals: ★ Easy program ★ This program is perfect for beginners who want to run for 30 minutes without stopping. You wont run 30 minutes from day one, Learn to run will guide you to get to the goal in a few days in a simple and fast way. Start to improve your physique now ★ Basic program★ This program is an intermediate level that helps weight loss. Learn to run for 60 minutes in just 25 days. ★ Advanced program ★ This program can be an excellent base for running a half marathon, it is recommended for those who have already completed the previous programs and will take you from 60 to 120 minutes without difficulty. Music:   ✓ With our app you wont get bored, you can hear your favorite music and well alert you with beeps. Free: ✓ Learn to run is completely free and it will be for ever, there are no hidden expenses or paid functions. Chronometer: ✓ You dont need to look at the watch or smartphone, we have built in a chronometer and well tell you when you run or walk, you just want to enjoy the race. What are you waiting for? Download our app now and enjoy the best fitness app ever We are always committed to improving the user experience. If you have feedback or suggestions, please send us an email at riky902@gmail.com , we will be happy to meet your requests. Permissions: WAKE_LOCK (We use this permission to keep the app active when you block your smartphone screen)

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