Fake Me A Call




Do you want to fake a call with your phone without actually being called? Use Fake Me A Call and you are good to go in no time You will be able to fake any call with this app Features: - Specify fake caller and fake number - Schedule a fake call - Choose a ring tone from your phone - Turn vibration on a faked call on or off - Choose a fake call screen from 4 different fake calling screens - Animated answer and decline sliders in the fake call as in a real phone call - The fake call is automatically missed if you dont pick up after 25 seconds - Choose a custom fake call voice for the fake call. The fake call voice can also be turned OFF if desired. - Fake Me A Call shows as FMC after the installation so it is not so obvious what it does - Easily provide feedback - Proximity sensor is used to automatically turn the fake call screen black if you bring your phone close to your ear while in a fake call - Available in Japanese, German and Bulgarian NEW Features: - Define a list of up to two fake callers (unlimited in Pro version) - Choose a picture for every one of the defined fake callers - Choose a fake caller from your contacts Advanced Features (Pro version only): - ALL FEATURES OF THE FREE VERSION + - Define a huge custom list of fake callers - Fake calls can be logged as real calls to your phones call log - Fast fake call schedule approach - In-line fake caller editing - If you dont pick a fake call and the call log feature is turned on, a missed call entry is stored into your phones call log - Fake Me A Call Pro shows as FMC Pro after the installation - Fake call screens include the SIM operator name. This information is only shown if also available on the original call screen NEW Advanced Features(Pro version only): - NEW: Option to show incoming fake call in fullscreen - NEW: Option to block incoming calls when in a fake call - NEW: Option to program the time interval buttons for faking a call with custom time intervals Visit us on Facebook or Twitter for more information and up-to date news and events: http://www.facebook.com/mobitop.eu https://twitter.com/mobitop_eu

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