Elecciones Generales 2016 26J

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You live in Spain and do not know and that candidate or which party will you vote? The General Election 2016 app 26J main idea is to report on these general elections, candidates and parties are presented with their respective electoral programs in Spain. It contains all the information necessary to decide in these general elections between parties: - Partido Popular ( PP ) - Partido Socialista Obrero Español ( PSOE ) - Unidos Podemos (UP) - Ciudadanos ( C´s ) - Unión Progreso y Democracia ( UPyD ) Within each game you can access lot of vital information General Election 2016: - The ideas of each party. - Electoral programs - The profile of each political candidate in Spain - News about the candidates and 20D 2015 General Elections in Spain - Help on how to vote. - Official Surveys on General Elections in Spain 2016 Recently it added the ability to query the results of the General Election, where you can monitor the results of the general elections in real time. It also integrates a survey and an anonymous AntiSondeo on these general elections, in which you can vote for the party you want to win elections and who does not want to win, respectively, and then be reflected in the graphs of polls users. Remember that you can participate in this 1 time a day. To others to view the results of the General Election, you can also share it with your friends undecided on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc What are you waiting for? Still you have doubts? You do not know where to see the results of the General Election? Need help keep the General Elections in Spain 2016 closely since the 2016 General Election 26j app makes it very easy, gathering all the necessary information in the same environment, and poniéndotelo easy to see the results. The future president depends on you, so research, vote and participate in the poll