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PLEASE NOTE, This app will not work without properly installed and working equipment, either: a) an online Zodiac® iAquaLink™ Web-Connect Device, installed on a working AquaLink® pool automation system, or b) an iQPUMP Variable-Speed Pump Web-Connect Device, connected to a Jandy or Zodiac Variable-Speed Pump, or c) a Robotic Pool Cleaner featuring iAquaLink Control (models may vary by country) TO LEARN MORE about the above equipment, please iAquaLink.com. ABOUT THE APP: iAquaLink offers intelligent pool control anytime, from anywhere. Your iAquaLink account and ongoing service are free. If you experience any issues, they may originate in the equipment firmware, and not in the app. To troubleshoot please contact your pool pro, visit our support page, or call our toll-free number in the US - see our contact information below - so we can work with you to resolve any issue you may have. Unfortunately, we cannot respond to reviews in the app store. TO CONTACT US In the US: Zodiac Support: www.zodiac.com/en/united-states/contact Zodiac toll-free support: 800-822-7933 For Global Support: Zodiac Support: www.zodiac.com ADDITIONAL INFORMATION iAquaLink Owners Center: https://www.iaqualink.com Zodiac® is a registered trademark of Zodiac International, S.A.S.U., used under license.

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