Video Players & Editors


URMET iUVS is a mobile phone CCTV application developed for Android OS. Recent iUVS versions support Android 3.0 and higher; for older Android versions, please contact URMET customer service. URMET iUVS compatible with the URMET D1 and WD1 H.264 range of DVRs, i.e. the following models: - D1 DVR models: 1093/002, 1093/003, 1093/004A, 1093/008, 1093/016 - WD1 DVR models: 1093/004H, 1093/008H, 1093/016H, 1093/019H For the new WD1 DVR ranges (-H models) compatibility with URMET DDNS web service (http://www.urmetddns.com) is also supported. Here follow the main features of the application: - Direct connection to URMET DDNS free service (only for new WD1 DVR models) - Live audio/video streaming of up to 4 channels - Remote Search and Playback - Local Playback - Landscape mode supported - PTZ function - Snapshot and Video capture - Multiple devices supported