*********************** IMPORTANT If someting doesnt work as you expect, please send us an email and well fix it. Leaving just a bad review isnt useful to anybody. *********************** IF YOU FIND THIS APP USEFUL, PLEASE CONSIDER PURCHASING THE AD-FREE VERSION. THIS WILL SUPPORT FURTHER DEVELOPMENT FOR THIS APPLICATION This nifty free utility parses and displays EML (mail message) files. Inline images are displayed both as attachments and in the HTML view. NEW NEW Now we also parse and display MSG files from Outlook. Weve added an experimental support for displaying certain RTF bodies produced by recent versions of Outlook. Please note that we still save the RTF message body as RTF_MESSAGE.rtf which can be opened with an external viewer like Cool Reader. NEW NEW Now we also parse and display WINMAIL.DAT files (both RTF body, attachments and some readable fields). Please send us any bugs you find for correction. Thanks NEW NEW NEW Weve added an EXPERIMENTAL feature to print the email to a PDF file. We print all fields except attachments and HTML body (only text body supported) NEW Weve added an internal file browser: now you can read multiple mail files from the SD without exiting from the app or using an external browser You can open an EML or MSG file from any source. Long press on any field to see context menu. You can browse the SD for EML or MSG files or open them from any other application (like a File Browser or GMail). If you need additional features please drop us an email (see below). Icons by FastIcon.com (http://www.fasticon.com) and Anatom 5 (http://www.anatom5.de). EML Reader is Copyright 2013 by UglyIcons (uglyicons@gmail.com).