A6W Trainer-Flat Belly Workout

Kamil Toszek

Health & Fitness


A6W Trainer is an abs training application following Aerobic Weiders Six exercises program (A6W). It allows you to gain flat belly in no time, just around 30min per day, for 42 days doing 6 simple exercises specially designed to make you a flat tummy. Why this app instead of competitors? • Designed to be stable and does not crash during the exercises. • Designed to be able to be used by more then one person (profiles). • It has a nice female voice guiding through exercises. • Notify of exercises pending for given day. • It has customizable exercise duration time for different difficulty. • Ability to set difficulty of exercise 1, 3 and 5: repeats counted separately for each leg or together • Option for individual training program not counted into trainings day. Handy for people who want to stay in shape. • Is simple and has easy to operate interface. There are other similar apps on the market, I dare you to test them as Im sure that stability and simplicity of my application will bring you back to this app. FEEDBACK: I hope you enjoy A6W Trainer. Id love to hear your feedback, comments or suggestions. Please email me at: kamil.toszek@gmail.com Keywords: 6pack, ABS, Aerobic, Six-Pack, Training, Weider, asb, exercise, fitness, a6w, flat, belly, tummy

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