Surveillance System



i-Security is a free app specially built for Android power devices that allows you to remotely monitor live video from security cameras through Surveillance systems. Users can view multiple cameras simultaneously by 3G or WiFi. It also supports snapshots and physical / digital PTZ control. Features on i-Security: 1. Up to 64 channels of live view display 2. Can setup multiple servers (Single server connection) 3. Support Snapshots 4. Support Physical / Digital PTZ control (Depends on camera) 5. Preset point support (Depends on camera) 6. Digital Input/Output support 7. Support Megapixel resolution 8. Support Playback 9. Support Push Notification (Available with NVRmini2, NVRSolo & Mainconsole) 10. Support findNVR (P2P) with NVRsolo 11. Favorite view for all recording servers 12. New Event List Button (NVRmini2, NVRSolo & Mainconsole) 13. Support Audio 14. Support Demo Site 15. Support Talk 16. Support QR code (New Feature in v4.3.0, Only with NVRChamp) Supported Systems Supported OS: - Android v2.3 - Android v4.0 - Android v4.1 - Android v4.2 - Android v4.3 - Android v4.4 - Android v5.0 Supported products & software version: -NVR(IP+)/Hybrid NDVR/ DVR: v3.5.0 or above version (Push Notification is available with v4.1) -NVRmini2: v1.0 or above version (Push Notification is available with v1.6) -TitanNVR: v1.0 or above version -NVRsolo: v1.0 -Crystal: v2.0 or above version Supported Video Codec -MJPEG -MPEG4 -H.264

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