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IncaMail is the easy to use service of Swiss Post for the secure and verifiable delivery of confidential e-mails. Opening messages The IncaMail app is a requirement to be able to open and read IncaMail messages on an Android Device. To open an IncaMail message, go to the IncaMail message in the e-mail client, keep the attachment “IncaMail.html” pressed for a long time and then in the context menu select ‘Open in “IncaMail”. Then follow the instructions on the screen to be able to read the message. Other functions The use of the other functions of the IncaMail app requires a one-off registration on Other functions are: - One-click reading of IncaMail messages (with saved login data in the app, IncaMail messages can be read with a single click) - Saving the login data in the app - Automatic login in IncaMail (when login data are saved) - Sending of IncaMail messages including the addition of attachments - Management of all settings - Viewing the logbook - Opening and saving of attachments in IncaMail messages

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