Electrical Calc USA Free

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E-Calc is a professional electrical application for calculating many common electrical problems. This app is an essential tool for all electricians and electrical engineers. Unlike other similar apps E-Calc not only calculates simple formulas but returns code results including wire sizing, conduit sizing, fusing, overload size, ground and bond size and much more based on the National Electrical Code. The features of this app are too long to list but here are a few of the key ones; - Basic construction calculator allows you to easily divide rooms for lighting in imperial or metric measurements. - Calculate any single motor and get maximum overcurrent, maximum overload, minimum wire, minimum pipe, and minimum bond wire size. - Calculate any transformer size and get KVA, FLA, pipe size, fuse and breaker size, bond size and ground size, on both primary and secondary. Easily choke down the transformer and get appropriate results for the modified demand load. - Calculate the allowable ampacity of any wire type and deration situation. - Calculate maximum number of similar sized wires in a given pipe size. - Calculate pipe size required for a list of any number, size, and type of wire. - Calculate required ground and bonding sizes. - Easily calculate complicated voltage drop calculations. Get results for percentage voltage drop as well as maximum lengths of runs. Derating is also supported. - Calculate recommeneded torque settings for all varieties of lugs and terminations. - Convert many common units. - Find NEMA codes and specs of receptacles. - Easily access in app support with quick links to your phones email.