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Save money on calling overseas. Use your internet through Wifi or 3G/4G to make cheap VoIP or SIP calls with your android and other smartphones. With INAANI you can also make FREE INAANI-to-INAANI Voice Calls. INAANI offers international calling services, which allows making long distance cheap VoIP calls, by using mobile phones, PC or IP devices. Mobile VoIP has never been this easy. Here is what you get when you opt for INAANI: * Easiest way to call abroad * LOW RATES that make calling overseas cost effective * Unlimited FREE CALLS to other INAANI users * Easily find and add friends as INAANI Mobile Dialer easily integrates with your mobile phone contact list * Low cost VOIP SMS enabled * Easy-to-use interface and design to help you navigate the app * 24-hr technical support * Toll-free number for calling support team for all dialer related issues, integrated in the dialer * Mobile recharge across 101 countries Lowest rates to INDIA, BANGLADESH, PAKISTAN, NEPAL, EGYPT, SRILANKA and more.. INAANI Premium Dialer works with following Operator Codes: 2020, 2022, 2233, 4400, 66066,1122,4040,1010 Learn more about INAANI: * Visit our website * For help or any suggestion * Want to become a business partner? * Like us on Facebook

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