Gate Locker Screen

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A big HD gate locker with full proof security, it really looks so charming and handsome that everyone would be in love with gate locker screen. The most fabulous thing is its animation when it unlocks. You know youre smart phone cost becomes double when the gate locker opens. It opens like the big locker of a bank. Safe the privacy of your android in gate locker screen with handsome security feature. When you install it, lock it with some password credential of your own choice and locked it up. Hence you are safe now, no one can allow in your android without your permission. Are you really interested to entertain with smart and HD gate locker screen with a perfect security of your SMS, android gallery, setting and everything that is in your android? If YES then install this new Gate locker screen and be rock. FEATURE: • Help to safe your android privacy • Save your SMS, Gallery, Contacts, Setting and everything personal • With HD and 3D graphics • With a unique idea • Easy to use and handle • Lovely, smart and charming screen lock • Make graceful to your android

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