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This clear and comprehensive app shows 3D animations of 20 current suturing techniques used in periodontology and oral surgery.For each technique, you will also find brief information about• indications• advantages and• disadvantagesThis application is designed for dental students and dental surgeons wishing to refresh their suturing techniques.The following 20 suturing techniques are included:1. Surgical Knot2. Surgical Knot (for Synthetic Suture)3. Single Suture4. Single Interrupted Suture5. Vertical Internal Mattress Suture6. Vertical External Mattress Suture7. Horizontal Internal Mattress Suture8. Horizontal External Mattress Suture9. Horizontal Internal Mattress + Single Interrupted Suture10. Double Horizontal Internal Mattress11. Continuous Mattress Suture12. Criss-Cross Suture13. Continuous Suture14. Continuous Lock Suture15. Sling Suture16. Continuous Sling Suture17. Continuous Sling Mattress Suture18. Sling Suture Technique for Multiple Recessions19. Laurell-Gottlow Suture20. Double Loop SutureThe author of the app is Giulio Rasperini.

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