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■■■ Game Features ■■■ We invite you to I Love Pasta ◀ A Wider Store The elegance of the third floor ▶ The store just got bigger Order social dishes from the beautiful 2nd floor terrace. The more you play, the more special bonuses there is for you to enjoy ◀ Discover the road to delicious cooking, Market Town ▶ Produce various ingredients all over the world, and make new menus at your restaurant When you complete a new menu, you will find landmark items for decorating the distinctive market towns of each country or new patrons will visit your restaurants. ◀ Real recipes provided Recipe book ▶ We will show you how to make all the pastas in I Love Pasta The Recipe Book will show you the easiest way to make pasta for everyone. Follow the real recipes and make it with your own hands ◀ Franchise with friends ▶ Join a franchise to meet new friends Every time a franchise grows, a special gift awaits ◀ Delicious Pasta made with Fresh Ingredients ▶ Aglio E Olio, Penne allarabiata, Gorgonzola Spaghetti and more Satiate your appetite with pasta made from fresh ingredients. ◀ Various wines that match the flavor of the pasta ▶ Various wines that match our Pastas Recommend a Wine according to customers taste. ◀ Learn the menu with exciting mini games ▶ Learn different types of menu by playing mini games Enjoy a variety of mini games such as matching game and rhythm game ◀ Enjoy the Street Fair ▶ Restaurants may be packed to the brim with lots of guests in it Cater to some customers outside by matching their tastes through Street Fair ◀ Lets PARTY ▶ Get ready to blow up the Balloons, for more rewards Get and collect party points to throw a party You can play in English, Japanese, 中文 繁體,, 簡體中文 and Korean.

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