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ENGLISH - SPANISH - ESPAÑOL - HINDI - हिंदी - Daily Bible Verse with comments. Good News Text is all about edifying the Body of Christ with daily uplifting scriptures and comments so that we can all start our day with a boost to our spiritual and physical being. This is not a Bible Study or reading, but a simple uplifting scripture quote with comments designed to give you a boost so that you are encouraged to witness the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a daily basis. Comment on every scripture, share your thoughts on the scriptures to help and edify others. Share the scriptures by Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, SMS & Email and most social Apps installed on your phone. Share with us your favorite scriptures. Features - (see instructions below) Choose your own Notification Tone. Chooses your own Notification Time. Choose your own days - Everyday or just days you choose. Scriptures on Demand by clicking Icon on Home page Mark Favorites & keep for later. Post to Facebook - requires Internet connection. Post to Twitter - requires Internet connection. Forward by SMS - charges may apply based on your providers plan. Send by Email - requires Internet connection. Post to G+ - requires Internet connection. Operation Instructions After installation, Tap Open (A) Tap Settings 1. tap Notification Tone & choose your Tone & OK (choose Tone every time you change a setting) 2. tap Notification Time & choose your Time of delivery & tap Next & choose your days of delivery & tap Done 3. Tap Share on Facebook to Post to Facebook (To enable this you must have the Facebook App on your phone) Fill in your Facebook details, tap OK Facebook will prompt you to Authorize Good News Text, Tap OK and wait for Facebook to ask for your authorization, tap OK another message will appear tap OK again and you will then see a confirmation message of Success. 4. You have the option to Logout of Facebook anytime 5. Version detail 6. Tap Find Out More and be redirected to our website About Us page YOU ARE NOW SET REBOOT YOUR PHONE JUST MAKE SURE (B) Tap Home and to force a immediate scripture by Tapping the Good News Text icon (this will work anytime you wish) Tap on the scripture in you notification area, the scripture will pop up on your screen, Tap OK and it will appear in the app with several share options. 1. Tap the Heart symbol to add the scripture to your Favorites 2 Tap the Facebook symbol to post, follow the prompts and you will receive a pop up success message. 3. Tap the Twitter symbol to post to Twitter ( the Twitter App must be installed and signed in for this to work) 4. Tap the EMAIL symbol and send via Email 5. Tap the TEXT symbol to send by Text 6. Tap the COMMENT symbol to be redirected to the scriptures webpage to make a comment and leave your thoughts. (C) Tap the Favorites Tab and you can view, read, post and send your favorite scriptures over and over again. To delete a scripture from Favorites just Tap & Hold for a prompt to delete Good News Text is a Not 4 Profit company, owned and operated by Christians on a Volunteer basis. Daily Uplifting Scriptures by Good News Text.