Easy Pashto Language Keyboard - پښتو‎

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Now you can write Pashto in any application easily. Also it is two in one keyboard.. so that you can also type English without changing the keyboard. Changing English to Pashto, or Pashto to English has never been easier and faster. ONE OF THE EASIEST PASHTO KEYBOARDS Pashto keyboards in the stock Android version are not available. Our Easy Pashto Language Keyboard represents a useful Pashto online keyboard that has all the Pashto alphabet and can do easy changes of Pashto to English and vise versa English to Pashto. TWO LANGUAGES, ONE KEYBOARD APP Do you communicated in both English and Pashto, our app is the simplest and the fastest keyboard you need in your everyday communication and use of your Android device. PASHTO WORDS PREDICTION The keyboard Pashto options are numerous. However, the most stand out is the word prediction in Pashto for which we are especially proud of. Type and get help as you type. It display suggestions as you type and you can easily select them with one tap. FEATURES Online Pashto keyboard with tons of useful features پښتو‎ Pashto to English change and vice versa Pashto prediction of words It lets you create contacts in Pashto. Send SMS in Pashto Post Pashto in Facebook. Search google in Pashto Send Pashto messages using WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Hangouts, Line, Viber or any other app installed your phone. ** Easy Pashto is completely free. **