Nougat Launcher: Pixel Edition

ismail Akkulak


Nougat Launcher: Pixel Edition is custom Android N style launcher which is adapted to Android™ Nougat 7.1 launcher and pixel features. Settings of Nougat Launcher, provides customizable Nougat UI options and also keeps older Android 6.0 Marshmallow options, available for Android 4.4 and higher devices. * Who will love it? 1. People who want Android™ Nougat 7.1 style launcher app experience and clean, custom modern design. 2. People who want a more smooth, more powerful and playful experience from their Android™ device. Nougat Launcher: Pixel Edition features: • Android™ Nougat 7.1 shortcuts are supported for Android 7.1 and higher. • Android™ Nougat 7.1 static shortcuts are supported for Android 5.1 and higher. • Custom Nougat shortcuts are supported for Android 4.4 and higher. • Android™ Nougat 7.1 style embedded icon packs. • Android™ Nougat 7.1 style native round icon options. • Pixel style app drawer with Vertical & Horizontal Paging. • Search Bar options: Pill Bar & Search Bar with dynamic colors from wallpaper. • New Folder preview options. • Dynamic All Apps button & widget & shortcut. • OK Google Voice Detection for supported languages. • System Bar style options. • Google Now swiping as permitted for third party launchers. • Hide Apps in App Drawer. • Start helper designed to import shortcuts from other Android™ launchers. • Extended Icon Packs & Shapes & Shape styles. • Fixed/Float Wallpaper. • Resize any widgets. • Clean transparent design and smooth animations with Nougat Launcher: Pixel Edition. All Prime features unlocked and No Ads for Android KitKat & Lollipop devices. (Prime promotion for Android 4.4-5.0-5.1 devices) For Android 6.0 Marshmallow and higher devices, there is trial usage. After trial time expired, Nougat Launcher gets and shows ads. To remove ads, you can buy Prime Key. ✔ Get and try Nougat Launcher: Pixel Edition with Android™ Nougat 7.1 launcher pixel experience - Android is a registered trademark of Google, Inc.