Nepali Lok Dohori

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Listen and watch new Nepali Lok Dohori songs in your mobile. Features:- 1. Nepali Lok Dohori Songs 2. Artists Information 3. Nepali Instruments 4. Photo Gallery 6. Nepali Movies and TV Shows 7. Nepali FMs You can request song too, if you cannot find the song. Disclaimer:- All the logos, trademarks and other symbols are the properties of their respective owners. We do not endorse or support any channel or any company. This app is distributed as is without warranty of any kind and the user may use it on his/her own risk. This apps users and third parties, agree to indemnify and hold harmless this apps creators and its agents, from any damages claimed as a result of information, resources, products or services, or third party links obtained from this app.If anybody still finds this app harmful in any way, they must send a request/notice to the creators first to remove the discrepancy.