Fast Download Manager




Get an entirely new level of control over your downloads with the Fast Download Manager Fast Download Manager downloads files faster and in a significantly more convenient way than any browser or downloader. Use the built-in browser for web-surfing, visiting your favorite sites, and finding the files you want to download. Navigate through your Downloads folder and manage old and new files directly from the application. Features: - Faster downloads. Accelerate downloads with multithreading (up to 10 threads). - Full control. Download files in background. Pause and resume downloads whenever you need. Get detailed information about each file and open it in your favorite app. - No restrictions. Download unlimited number of files simultaneously. - Built-in browser. Surf the web and download from any file-sharing service, social network, or torrent tracker. - Favorite sites. Add frequently visited sites to Favorites for quicker access. - Compatible with any browser. Use the browser of your choice and let Fast Download Manager the files for you. - Material design. No download manager has ever been more stylish - Large files download. A faster and more reliable way of downloading large files. - Instant access to Downloads. The Downloads folder on your device is immediately available from the sidebar in Fast Download Manager. - Check your limits. Always be aware of how much free space is left for your new files in the Settings menu. - No Bother mode. Turn download notifications on/off for a convenient workflow.

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