Kana Test Free




Japanese syllabary (50Úč│) is the base of learning Japanese. Kana Test Free is a simple memory testing tool with a complete Japanese language syllabary table. It facilitates users learning Japanese. According to the results of each test, you will know your proficiency in Seion, Dakuon, and Youon. Then, you can make targeted learning and improvement. Main features: - Complete Japanese syllabary table, 3 pages (Seion / Dakuon / Youon) - Each page can be switched Hiragana or Katakana; Learn or Test mode - Click on syllabary button which will have its Japanese pronunciation - Memory test in different pages - Red button will displayed the test error, which let you make the review and practice - User can also modify the color of syllabary buttons (Red / Clear) manually - Last color record will be saved - Display language: English / Japanese / Korean / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese System requirements: Android operating system 2.3+; Recommended Equipment Resolution: 480x320 or above; Network access is required; Version:2.0 - Compatible with Android 7.1.1 - Bug Fixed - Smaller advertising

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