Ice Cream Factory – Dessert

Kids Fun Studio



Make ice cream in the factory and deliver it to the stores on ice cream truck. Kids love to eat ice cream especially in hot summer. Heres the chance to make your own yummy frozen ice Popsicle dessert with this ice cream maker kids cooking game. Babies, kids and toddlers love to eat and bake ice cream in restaurant. Refresh yourself with cold & slushy ice pop candy. Learn how you can make this creamy treat at home Ice cream factory is a delicious & crazy cooking mania game. How to play: First of all select the flavors include chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and mango and orange you wish to eat in ice cream parlor. After selecting your loved ice flavor now crush it, grind it and mix it with cream. Add some sugar and coco beans in it. Now add the ice cream in the bowls and put the tasty sundae treat in the freezer to make it a frozen cream bar. Make some cone biscuit and cups for serving. Pack the ice cream in the boxes and deliver it to customers. Enjoy this delicious treat and dont forget to give us your sweet feedbacks and ratings. Play and enjoy this full on crazy fun cook mania game Features - Multiple cream flavors to make juicy ice lolly. - You can makeover ice cream sundae with multiple toppings. - Different ice cream variety to make. - Delicious dream like tasty toppings. - Sprinkle toppings, decorate with the many frosting. - Amazing color full & attractive graphics. This tasty ice cream factory - dessert game is for more than 3 and 4 year old kids. This cook chef game is as much fun as cake, slush and candy maker game. Make frozen & juicy ice lolly in this ice cream maker & fever game. This maker game is best ice lolly fever game. Ice cream & candy factory is amazing cooking game. Kids like to play such fun games as much as they like to eat ice cream of different colors. Now Download this ice cream factory game and have fun

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