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ki - 10th in focus (aa, uu, ff, au, rr, ao, rl, sp, th, ki, ci, sn, lo, ba, ov, sh, fi, do, ru & ti) Tap to make each turn, timing is key. Simply, tap as close to each turn as you can - see what happens. The further away, the worse. Get through as many turns as you can by tapping as close as you can before each kink. Each level gets more and more demanding, but the dynamic stays simple - just tap, anywhere on the screen. You can also top the leaderboard and earn medals (bronze, silver and gold). Theres 100 levels to solve right now, intertwined with all sorts of tweaks and surprises. You can also go back and replay any level youve already passed, at any time (Choose Level). If youre stuck on a really tricky level, skip it (Tap Skip on the Fail Screen) If you cant wait, unlock all 100 levels and replay at your own pace (Choose Level Unlock All Levels) Thanks for all your support, I hope youre enjoying the focus series thus far. Handmade in Australia, General Adaptive

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