Keyboard Grass HD




How to install a Keyboard Plus theme? Just follow these easy steps: 1. Download Keyboard Grass HD from Google Play Store 2. Open the Keyboard Grass HD theme 3. Apply the theme by pressing the - Activate - button from the Keyboard Plus Theme Manager If you want to change your font size just go to the Quick Settings Tab and choose from one of the 3 available sizes: small, medium or large. This Keyboard Plus theme uses a free Google Font available here: Hand All the Keyboard Plus themes come with a matching font that will be displayed automatically. New layouts with translations coming soon. We are looking forward for your feedback so dont hesitate to contact us for any suggestions or other issues that you may have at the following address: Get crazy creative and chase away those boring moments by customizing all your gadgets with the awesome Keyboard Grass HD theme. Express your cool personality in a fun and easy way with this new Weed theme. Feel free to share with everyone your unique way of seeing the world. The Keyboard Grass HD theme will make you feel bold and it will inspire you everyday. Choose to be different and get right now the Keyboard Grass HD theme. Be spontaneous and start the party by sharing this Keyboard Grass HD theme with all your friends.

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