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ts not a secret that any cell phone can be wired. Here are three main wiring methods described below. Scumware The software you install on your mobile phone can tape your phone calls, capture photo and video not only when you talk or use the camera application but in standby mode as well. Protection: you should be careful installing new software and check whether it have access to your camera and microphone or not. And check the producing company as well if it trustworthy or not. Eagle Security allows you to get the full list of the applications on your device which have access to camera and microphone and also provides possibility to block access to your hardware. Substitution of base station Last time this method has become very popular. Tapping complex can be placed next to you not far than in 500 meters and all the cell phones in the action radius connect to the fake station due to power signal. The complex could be not bigger than a attache case. Your cant know that the base station was substituted because the new station transmits all the data to the real one and calls work in the normal way. Everybody can buy such compex at affordable price. Protection: tracking all the stations your cell phone connects to. Eagle Security checks the signature of a station, mostly tapping complexes have substandard signatures. And it also tracks positions of stations. If a station appears in different places or appears in a new place near to a station placed in the same place before itd be marked as a suspicious and all the other users will be informed if they connect this station. Connection to a suspicious base station doesnt mean that somebody is tapping you for sure. But its strongly recommend not to use your phone when its connected to untrustworthy base station. Third method Having contacts in security agencies you can get an official allowance to wire a cell phone. In many countries its enough to give a person a witness status in any judicial case. The person will never even know about that because such tapping is formally legal. Protection: voice and message encryption, IMEI changing between calls, regular imcard changing. Eagle Security helps our users to protect themselves from the first and the second methods described above; now were working on protection from the third method.