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This App Works Without Internet With 540 Books on Indian Bare Acts with Many Search Features. Browse By Law Books Search By Section No/Name Search By Chapter No/Name ------------------------------------- Banking Laws (21 Books) Corporate Laws (35 Books) Criminal and Motor Accident Laws (27 Books) Consumer Laws (5 Books) Direct Tax Laws (7 Books) Education / Science and Technology Laws (20 Books) Environment Laws (9 Books) Family Laws (21 Books) Foreign Exchange Laws (4 Books) Indirect Tax Laws (13 Books) Intellectual Property Laws (8 Books) IT Laws (1 Book) Legal and Professional Laws (19 Books) Media Laws (4 Books) Medical and Health Laws (4 Books) Miscellaneous Laws (180 Books) NRI Related Laws (3 Books) Political and Election Laws (9 Books) Property Laws (34 Books) Public Related Laws (11 Books) Punjab State Laws (32 Books) Railways Laws (10 Books) Service and Labour Laws (47 Books) Stamp Laws (2 Books) Repealed Laws (2 Books) Defence Laws (5 Books) Air Traffic Laws (2 Books) Human Rights Laws (4 Books) States Laws (1 Law Book) Indian Law Books 540 ================= ** EXCEL File Available at Rs. 1000 ** ================= It also has the Most Wanted Bare Acts like: IPC - Indian Penal Code CPC - Civil Procedure Code IEA - Indian Evidence Act CRPC - Code of Criminal Procedure Service Tax law Constitution Of India MVA - Motor Vehicle Act IEA - Indian Evidence Act RTI - Right To Information Act NIA - Negotiable Instrument Act ICA - Indian Contract Act JJA - Juvenile Justice Act Unlawful Activities (Prev) Act Prevention of Corruption Act TPA - The Prisioners Act POA - Probation of Offenders Act FAA - Fatal Accidents Act Prevention of Terrorism Act Smuggle & Foriegn Exchange Manupulation Act Jhabvala Bare Acts

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