iEvaphone: Free calls

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With IEvaphone you can call any mobile or landline phone numbers to your friends and relatives absolutely for free. * After the installation you get free 4 credits, which allows you to make free calls. * You dont have to purchase credits, they can be earned by watching a video or completing the installation of an application. * It shows the cost of the minute when you enter a phone number. * You can configure callerId for free. CallerId is the mobile number that will be shown for all calls made through IEvaphone. * You can enable call recording that allows you to record all the outgoing calls for free. IEvaphone is a free app which allows to call abroad for free. Your peer doesnt need to be online or even install this application, you just dial a number and make a free call. Our calls are 2-3 times cheaper then other VoIP applications. It doesnt matter whether its a mobile or landline phone number. How to call? 1. You need Wi-Fi or 3G Internet active connection. Wi-Fi or 4G (LTE) is highly recommended. 2. Use the keyboard to dial a number only in the international format (e.g. 13862694536 for United States, 442032981838 for United Kingdom). 3. Enjoy free talking

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