Farm Adventure for Kids Free

Mihail Falcuta



Farm Adventure for Kids Free is an app for kids between 1 and 7 years old. 50% of the application profits will go towards building kindergartens and schools and buying educational materials for underprivileged children. The app helps the children develop their vocabulary and their perception of objects and beings. In the Farm Adventure free educational top apps for kids, the toddlers will learn in the best way: a) The letters of the alphabet; b ) Words : - Numbers; - Domestic animals; - Colors; - Shapes; - Vegetables; - Fruits; Check out our reviews: - Cool game for kids - 5 stars - Prisecaru Silviu - The game is great fun ,,,,, :-) 👍 - 5 stars - Azizahtul Fitria - I became like a nice clever kid - 5 stars - Putri Ayu Ningrum The images are accompanied by native pronunciation in the English language and other specific sounds. The Farm Adventure for Kids free educational fun apps have 10 levels: 1. Learn the alphabet, learn animals, learn numbers, learn fruits, learn vegetables – the toddlers click on the characters that appear on the screen to hear the name of the English language and specific sounds. 2. Play with colors - learn by playing or check your knowledge by clicking the announced color. In the first level click on the colored squares and you will hear their name. In the other levels, groups of 3,5,7,8 or 10 colors will appear and the kids will have to choose them in order they are announced. 3. Sort Games Free – the toddlers will sort and put vegetables in their basket. The children will be given 3 baskets and in each basket the children will gather a type of veggie. 4. Labyrinth Games Free - Collect eggs form words, find your way through the maze and listen to the correct pronunciation in English. This is a maze of low difficulty for toddlers in which they gather the letters of the alphabet that make up a word - every time you collect a letter of the alphabet, its pronunciations are heard in English. The final words represent the name of the items that have to be found by children. When the kids collect all the letters and reach the finish, they will hear the domestic animals name and its specific sound. 5. Jump Games Free - Jump and collect fruits, vegetables, letters of the alphabet and numbers – this is a learning and dexterity testing game. Every time you catch a fruit, a vegetable, a letter or a number , you will hear the pronunciation of those words or letters in English. 6. Match Games Free – the toddlers will drag the shapes to the corresponding location to form a new funny image and watch the end animation. Arrange shapes in the boxes indicated to form a new figure. 7. Drop – Play by running and catching the items dropped by the birds such as fruits and vegetables. This is a learning and dexterity testing game. The items carried by birds escape from the birds clutches and you must catch them before they disappear. 8. Shaped Fence - learn numbers and shapes. Raise a fence around the sheep by pressing the buttons in ascending order and see what geometric item is formed: triangle, square, trapezoid , pentagon , star . 9. Play games Free - A) the toddlers connect the colors to the animals and watch them change their color; B) Help the cat cross the road through the walking dogs; 10. Test - test your knowledge skills. Choose between the domestic animals in order to find the correct one. The best information, personalized to the childrens need of discovery, together with new words, tests and free games will be added periodically to these fun apps list of interactive educational tools. Download Farm Adventure, Free educational top apps and help your toddlers find words, numbers, domestic animals, fruits , vegetables , shapes and learn the English languages alphabet. Check out our website: and learn more about our best apps in stores. See you soon

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