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IBOLT DOCKMODE IS ONLY NEEDED IF YOU HAVENT GOT AN ACTIVE CAR DOCK LIKE THE XPRODOCK. ***** Please take a look at our video to see how this application is working ***** “iBOLT DockMode” offers an easy way to set the iBOLT Dockn Drive application as the home screen when driving. With DockMode turned to on the user can just press the home button after using a GPS Navigation or Music App (for example) and the screen will switch back to the easy-to-use iBOLT Dockn Drive interface. NOTE: Deskhome Display MUST be selected under Settings-Accessory on Samsung Galaxy phones for the Dock Mode to work. The DockMode is built for Android devices that do not allow DockMode triggering via the microUSB cable. Examples are Nexus 4/5, LG G2 and Sony Xperia devices. For HTC and Samsung Galaxy handsets we recommend buying an iBOLT active car-dock that includes microUSB charging cable with integrated DockMode. Together with our “iBOLT Dockn Drive” app youll have the perfect driving experience. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ibolt.carhome) (Requires version 2.2.2 or higher of Dockn Drive) NOTE: This application is only enabling and disabling the Android build-in car mode. The functionality is depending on your device firmware. Not all firmwares are supporting this virtual dock mode. Usually all firmwares running Android Jelly Bean 4.3 and higher should support the virtual dock mode. Some lower Android versions are also working fine depending on your device. HOW TO USE THIS APP? On Samsung devices please make sure you got the following option activated: “Settings” (“My device”) “Accessory” “Desk home screen display” 1st step: Download this additional app “iBOLT DockMode” 2nd step: Please make sure youve got “iBOLT Dockn Drive” installed on your device. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ibolt.carhome) 3rd step: Run “iBOLT DockMode” by pressing on the icon either in your app drawer or on your home screen (you have to add it manually to your home screen). You will be prompted to select your default dock application. Select “iBOLT Dockn Drive” and confirm with “always”. Now you should notice a steering wheel icon in the notification bar and “iBOLT Dockn Drive” should be running. All functions of “iBOLT Dockn Drive” including the support for the home button should be now working. HOW TO END THE VIRTUAL DOCK MODE? Either pull down the notification bar and select “Car mode enabled – Touch to exit car mode” or again press on the “iBOLT DockMode” icon. NOTE: You can set “iBOLT DockMode” on your “iBOLT Dockn Drive” home screen as a shortcut for easy access. (Select “Set shortcut” “Applications” “iBOLT DockMode” in “iBOLT Dockn Drive”) Please feel free to contact us at all times through apps@ibolt.co if you have any further questions Your iBOLT Team

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