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THE BEST PLAYER for video media on your sdcard. Lots of unique features Full paid version available; Select View More Applications on this screen to find it. This trial version is fully functional but limited to two minutes of continuous video playback for evaluation purposes. → PLEASE READ THE DEV WEB SITE for a complete feature list and important information about play videos on Android devices. Not all devices can play all kinds of videos. Trouble/suggestions? We like your email. Feature Highlights: ✓ Playlists (with random play) ✓ Thumbnails (only on devices with Android 2.0 or newer) ✓ Video zoom options (aspect, full, custom) ✓ SRT subtitle support ✓ Bookmarks (up to 20 for each video) ✓ Home screen shortcuts to videos and playlists ✓ Play in the background while you run other apps or turn off the screen ✓ A-B repeat ✓ Video sharing ✓ On-screen clock, timer, and battery meter ✓ Seeking by seekbar, screen gestures, trackball, and D-pad ✓ Screen brightness and button brightness controls (buttons on Froyo only) ✓ Resume points remembered for all your videos ✓ Video sorting and grouping options ✓ Delete/rename videos ✓ Video streaming ✓ Lots of shortcuts, conveniences, and configurations

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