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FaceRig is an application that enables you to embody awesome digital characters anywhere You want to impersonate a dragon? Weve got you covered You want to be a great soldier? How about a cute, loving, fluffy, Red Panda? Dont ask how he got in there, take the app for a spin right now In a pocket, in a bus, in a bar, on a tower, on a plane? Everywhere Notice: Make sure your device supports OpenGL ES 3.0. Features: - Full 3D avatars - Get rewards for daily log-ins - Unlock more than 40 incredibly realistic avatars - 20+ Face Masks for up to 5 users. Try them out with up to 4friends. - RealTime FaceSwap with up to 5 different faces that can be swapped between each other. - 15 Free backgrounds to choose from. - Custom Live2D avatars. This feature gives 2D artists the chance to add their own art into FaceRig. - Record Videos and share them easily on social channels - Make Awesome digital cosplay #selfies This app : - requires Google Play Games to be installed on your device and up to date - does not support custom ROMs - requires access to your devices camera and microphone - requires access to the Internet - has analytics to track events - does not collect personal information

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