Lean Launcher




An open source, lightweight, customisable, lean launcher. The source code can be found at the following Github repository: https://github.com/hundeva/Lean-Launcher Notification dots Lean glance - weather, calendar events, etc Feed - currently only in the debug builds Search UI - bottom search bar - app search bar - app suggestions - voice search shortcut Look & Feel - light, dark, or automatic theme based on your wallpaper - optional black colors for dark theme - changeable grid counts - changeable icon sizes - optional swipe indicator Edit apps - hide apps from your drawer - hide app name from the desktop or your drawer - changeable icon shape on android 8.0 or later - basic icon pack support - adaptive icon support for legacy apps, with optional dynamic background color -- optional two line app labels Gestures & Actions - one finger swipe down for notifications - two finger swipe down for quick settings - double tap to lock, with either timeout or secure lock - customisable home button action on your home screen Shortcuts - optional static shortcuts - dynamic shortcuts from android 7.1 or later Other - home screen rotation - option physical animations - optional transparent navigation bar in your drawer - lockable desktop

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