iGrab - save for Instagram

Aurora .C. Labs



iGrab will save or repost ANY videos and photos on Instagram easily and quickly. Videos and photos to be saved or reposted are in full quality. With iGrab, you can easily download or repost photos and videos from your new feed, from Popular and from those of other users. *****NOTE: This app uses the Instagram API but is not endorsed or certified by Instagram Main Features: * Save any photos and videos on Instagram * Repost any photos and videos on Instagram * Batch save multiple vids and pics simultaneously. * Browse any vids and pics from Instagram * Browse any users profile and their posts. * Give likes and follow other users. * More features updated in the future. If you get any problem or have any suggestions on iGrab, please dont hesitate to contact us by email: isoftdevandroid@gmail.com. Any of your feedback or advice will be highly appreciated.

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