Face Paste




Face paste is a professional app for cut and paste faces. Select two faces and see the fantastic synthesis results obtained with just a few clicks. Will easily be synthesized, as well as satisfactory results. We have prepared a number of templates to help you easily synthesized. How to use: 1. Select faces (cut and paste) 2. Select face template. (All, Eye, Nose, Mouth, Eye&Nose, Nose&Mouth, Etc..) 3. Move the object in the position to synthesize. 4. And Enjoy Face Paste has following features: 1. Cut and Paste : You can easily cut or paste your face. 2. Retouch : You can correct or complement the synthetic part. 3. Skin Tune : By enhancing the skin create a perfect result. Face Paste tips - You can get many people at the same face : Try selecting the New Face in Cut and Paste menu - If the combined area looks blurred Try out the retouch menu - The skin looks rough? Skin Tune is the answer

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