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*** From the makers of Zees Alif Ba, the number 1 Arabic alphabet app across 18 countries in the Apple App Store; we bring you Zees Alphabet - حروف زي. *** “Zees Alphabet - حروف زي. is beautifully made and it will really help children practice drawing the alphabet.” Maha Jayyusi, Director. Dar-El-Ilm School of Languages *** “Another stellar release from Appy Kids who are quickly making a name for themselves through their dedication to quality, 5 out of 5 Stars” - iPad Educators *** Ive never seen such creative and high quality Arabic apps for children before. Reem Shehab, Director. Berlitz Dubai Learning Arabic has never been easier Catch Zee in her new adventure, Zees Alphabet حروف زي, the newest addition to the Appy Kids series of educational apps that help you learn Arabic with English support Watch Zee on her new Arabic language learning adventure by tackling the Arabic alphabet one by one. Choose your letter from Ibn Battutas magic compass and learn Arabic and the associated words with the letter in a fun animated cartoon. Follow the magic chalk with your finger as you learn to trace the Arabic alphabet with the help of animated arrows. Your child will smile as their efforts are rewarded with a playground scene where the animated Arabic Alphabet letters come to life Watch as the the tineen (dragon) blows fire, the ghorilla (gorilla) goes bananas and the sarukh (rocket) prepares for take off and many more special animated playground scenes. This writing game teaches fundamental writing concepts to preschoolers: identifying letters, reading letter symbols, and associating letters with words. Key Features of Zees Alphabet - حروف زي: OBSERVE the Arabic alphabet letter being associated with a word that morphs into an animated cartoon IMITATE the animated Arabic alphabet cartoon character by writing freehand with the magic chalk. Be mesmerized as the asad (lion) roars, the huut (whale) swims in the sea and the tayara (airplane) flies through the sky with Zee as their fellow adventurer. DEMONSTRATE that you know how to write the Arabic alphabet letter to go to the super awesome play scene where the cartoon characters come to life The unstructured tracing in the playground allows kids to reinforce their motor-skills and commit the written Arabic alphabet letter to memory through repetition and multisensory cues. Complete a letter, earn a sticker These stickers serve as positive reinforcement that are collected in their virtual sticker book. Ibn Battutas magic compass doubles as the Arabic alphabet selection panel. Teacher-friendly chalkboard of Arabic alphabet can be found for ease of use. Learn Arabic through the 56 captivating games and animations of letters along with audio pronunciations and instructions for children to practice with. All our apps include learning methods researched by educational technologists for proven writing techniques. Zees Alphabet - حروف زي was created for children aged 5 and under.

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