Elvin: The Water Sphere

Crescent Moon Games



Run Elvin run Theres no time to waste. The future of Goomswood Forest and its inhabitants is in your hands Elfrod the Goblin has sprung out from the depths of the Earth and has stolen the Water Sphere. Elvin must recover the Water Sphere before it runs out of power. Elfrod is a mischievous underground goblin. He is quick and devious, with the power to travel through dreams Elfrod has tricked Elvin into fleeing through strange worlds, forbidden to the Forest Elves. That wont stop Elvin, though. Hell follow Elfrod til the end, even ignoring his sacred Elven laws - in order to recover the droplets left by the Water Sphere. The race has begun... Run Elvin, run Dont forget to share your score and challenge all of your friends Features: - Retro charm. Easy to play, Hard to Beat - 10 Fantastic pixel worlds to explore - Awesome characters - great friends and scary enemies - Ride on a flying cow or cruise the ocean on a penguins back - Constant action A combination of runner and platformer with unique elements - Quick pick up and play - play it anywhere, anytime Follow us for the latest info and game news • http://crescentmoongames.com/other-games/ • http://facebook.com/crescentmoongames • http://twitter.com/cm_games