Farm Silage Transporter 3D

Jansen Games



Welcome to Farm Silage Transporter 3D In this Silage Transporter you will learn how to drive with the silage wagon, in a very realistic environment you start simple with driving the silage wagon in a straight line. But it will get harder, you have to drive your tractor with silage wagon attached through tiny gaps. This Silage Transporter is based on the reality. When you on a real tractor working with a silage wagon on a real farm, you will know that. In real life the farmer also have to drive through tiny gaps, or has to drive a lot backwards, for example to reach the unloading place properly. This game is special made for the people who like to work with big machinery, or for people who like farming :) Farm Silage Transporter 3D features: - Great sounds - Nice environment (water, sun, houses) - Time system - Google Play Games - Nice animations (wheel suspension) - Easy to handle with the on-screen steering wheel If you liked Farm Silage Transporter 3D, please rate :) Support us by following us on Twitter: Facebook:

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