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→ Our Mission: • Help students to achieve academic excellence. This app is for Mechanical and Production Engineering Students. → App Features: 1. Simple and user friendly interface. 2. 32 full length previous year question papers from year 1992 to 2016-III of mechanical branch and 6 full from year 2011 to 2016 of production branch. 3. Topic wise tests for earlier year question papers. 4. Works offline. 5. The timer is set automatically depending upon marks for each question. 6. Topic wise performance analysis is provided at the end of the test. 7. Review of tests is provided. The status of each question is shown (correct, wrong and not attempted ) 8. Question pallet helps in navigating and keeping track of answered questions, unanswered questions, questions marked for review & so on. 9. Information about GATE 2016. 10. Guidelines on preparation and useful links of various online resources are added. 11. Post-GATE information like IIT Ranking and M.Tech. programs at various IITs ,Resume tips and Strategy for getting Job are added. 12. Save/share your score in mock test via social networking sites. 13. Detailed solutions are available for year 2003 , 2004 and 2014-I of Mechanical Branch. 14. Detailed solutions are available for topic mathematics from year 2003 to 2014 Set-1 15. Get the alerts on Exams, Admission and Job details on your mobile. For improving this app, please write to us at Keywords: GATE, Mechanical Engineering,Production and Industrial Engineering, IIT, NIT, Jobs, PSU, Pubic Sector Jobs, UPSC,

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