Fairy Tale Food Salon Fun Game

Frozen Network Inc



Its time to have a tea party with Alice Fairy Tale Food: Magic Bakery tells the story of Alice and her sweet adventures down the rabbit hole. Sit down and have a tea party with the girl and her friends, making and eating foods like cake, cookies, chocolate and tons of other sweets. Alice needs to make an good impression on her guests for her story to have a happy ending. Help make this tea party the best tea party in the world The story of Alice and her guests is a long tale, but theres plenty of time to tell it Bake cakes, cookies, sweets and chocolates in your very own magic bakery as Alice sits down with her tea party companions and tells her story. They need all sorts of delicious treats to make this a special occasion, and theyre counting on you to make this the most amazing tea party ever. Start by mixing ingredients for the cakes, cookies, sweets and chocolates in the magic bakerys kitchen. Cook each one in the oven until theyre ready to go, then decorate the treats with tons of different toppings and extras. Make sure those cookies are extra sweet and those cakes are super chocolatey. Alices guests want a good story, and no tea party is complete without a tasty treat to accompany the drinks Features: - Bake tons of different desserts for Alice and her guests. - Create cakes, cookies, chocolates and other sweets. - Decorate each dessert with tons of tasty toppings. - Throw a tea party to top all other tea parties in the world. How to Play: - Use the touch screen to choose ingredients for your bakery foods. - Mix hem together and bake in a hot oven. - Decorate each dessert so it looks as good as it tastes *** Come see more on our partners social media *** Find more FREE GAMES from their Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frozen-Network-Inc/665052926935238 Want to know whats going on? Come see their Twitter https://twitter.com/FrozenNetworkIn Discover more on our partners website: www.frozennetworkinc.com

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